According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) over 38 percent of Americans are considered overweight and studies are showing that obesity is increasing worldwide at an alarming rate. It is for this reason many in the medical field call Obesity an epidemic. Many health risks could be attributed to obesity such as Type 2 Diabetes with approximately 90% of diabetics being obese. Heart disease, sleep apnea, dementia and cancer are a few more compilations connected to obesity. What about the everyday issues caused by obesity such as not being able to sleep well, joint pain, back pain, low self-esteem and a general feeling of unwellness? It is true that many health complications linked to being overweight and obesity may incapacitate or even lead to death. Many overweight and obese individuals feel trapped and overwhelmed. They feel that they have tried everything with little results to show. Feeling helpless, many just give up.

Mis-information and The Billion Dollar Industry

In the USA the weight lost industry is worth billions of dollars with companies offering anything from meal delivery services, diet plans, shakes to expensive gym memberships or home equipment etc. It seems that the industry is overloaded with a lot of (mis)information and offers no real solutions. Fortunately, scientists are making breakthroughs and are hitting new medical milestones in understanding weight gain. Some scientist now believe weight gain isn’t due so much with what is consumed or for a lack of exercise.

New Discovery in Weight Loss

A recent discovery has shown that foreign compounds, found in excess, in the blood stream of woman and men over the age of 40 years, may be forcing them to constantly feel hungry and make their bodies store fat. These compounds cause the body to resist Leptin, a hormone the body uses to send a signal to the brain that it is satisfied. When the body becomes resistant to Leptin it is unable to signal that it is full casing the individual to constantly feel hungry and over eat. The body’s response to having excess energy is to convert it into fat.

A natural formula, made in the USA, has proven clinically to detox the body and reduce Leptin resistance. Over 166304 women and men over the age of 40 years have shown dramatic results with 97% of participants lost an average of 59lbs while the remaining 3% lost an average of 40lbs. The participants reported their energy levels increased, brain fog lifted, reduction in stress and a return or increase in libido. To learn more about this all-natural patented formula and receive a special discount click here now.